Exhibitions, dinners and an online collection brought to you by a community of outstanding artists. The Amber Room connects artists with collectors at every level.

The Amber Room is curated by Rosie Reed. We are an artist-run programme dedicated to supporting the artists we love and introducing their work to new audiences. We organise exhibitions and events that are often centred around a dinner. Guests are invited to enjoy four courses cooked by a wonderful chef and everything from the table linens, cutlery, crockery and glassware to the art that surrounds them is made by a carefully curated group of artists and is for sale. The artists that we exhibit are all at the start of, or in the midst of, incredible career journeys.

What we offer

Take a look at our website, upcoming events, artist profiles and online shop. If you are interested in any of the artists we work with and you would like to enquire about available works, please get in touch. If an artist profile indicates that they are ‘Taking Commissions’ and you would like to commission a bespoke work, then please click through to begin that discussion. We look forward to hearing from you.

Exhibited artists

The Amber Room has exhibited the works of Robert Aberdein, Alex Aitken, Luke Alen-Buckley, Emii Alrai, Lotte Andersen, Attua Aparicio, Saelia Aparicio, Tutu Arel, Jordan Baseman, Batch Glass, Olivia Bax, Lily Bertrand-Webb, Christine Binnie, Lydia Blakely, Beatrice Boyle, Rob Branigan, Ruth Brennan, Nel Brookfield, Victoria Cantons, Sam Carvosso, Guendalina Cerruti, JJ Chan, Charlotte Colbert, Phoebe Collings-James, Mark Connoly, Emma Cousin, James Cross, Phoebe Cummings, Rafaela de Ascanio, Denise de Cordova, Nicolas Deshayes, Laura Dee Milnes, Richard Denne, Dominic Dispirito, JP Dordolo, Peter Evans, Allegra Fitzherbert, Jahday Ford, Estelle Fournier, Anna Freeman Bentley, Kira Freije, Bea Galletley, Jenny Gill, Álvaro Gómez-Sellés, Sophie Goodchild, Holly Graham, Dovile Grigaliunaite, Oona Grimes, Sally Hackett, Kate Halstead, Jane Hayes Greenwood, Haroun Hayward, Alouette Hill, Andy Holden, Jochen Holz, Leora Honeyman, Sarah Howe, Erin Hughes, Hugo Hutchins, Bell Hutley, John Ingledew, Josefina Isaza, Alexei Izmaylov, Roxanne Jackson, Rebecca Jagoe, Alice Johnson, Kaori Jones, Paul Kindersley, Sophie Learmont, Hannah Lister, James Lomax, Keegan Luttrell, Alice Macdonald, Ranald Macdonald, Emma Mackintosh, Maria Mahfooz, Lucy Mayes, Lindsey Mendick, Nell Miller, Mark Mindel, Chloe Monks, Emily Moore, Rebecca Moss, Kamile Ofoeme, Guy Oliver, Lucy Page, Jinyong Park, Hamish Pearch, Milly Peck, Rachel Pimm, Stephen Polatch, Paloma Proudfoot, Glen Pudvine, Sue Ray, Rosie Reed, Giles Round, Luke Routledge, Jakob Rowlinson, Tai Shani, James Shaw, Yunji Shin, Antonia Showering, Nora Silva, Ioana Sisea, Inger Sif Heeschen, Cheri Smith, Emily Stapleton-Jefferis, Olivia Sterling, Joss Stoddart, Rosie Stonham, Orfeo Tagiuri, Elly Thomas, Finn Thomson, Hannah Tillson, Thomas Treherne, Finbar Ward, Dominic Watson, Weez & Merl, Zoe Weisselberg, Jessie Whiteley, Gray Wielebinski, Kenneth Winterschladen, Mary Wintour, Caroline Wong, Tom Woolner, Xu Yang and Rafal Zajko.