Alexandra Searle

Alexandra Searle


Alexandra Searle is a London based sculptor who manipulates and exploits the behaviour of materials in order to physically depict moments of stress, tension and expectation.

Alexandra Searle (born 1992) is a London-based sculptor. She is a graduate of Newcastle University (2015) and the Slade School of Fine Art in (2019). Drawing on references to the medical and the mortal from her own experiences with anxiety and hypochondria, Searle’s works play upon the delicate and alien nature of the corporeal existence. Her works expose familiar fragilities and aim to dig into the soft tissue of the materials she uses. Playing with outsides and insides, hollows and solids, materials flimsy and unyielding, she recreates the strange systems, reactions and inaccessible masses that silently function or deteriorate within us. Tensions and anxieties are often physically represented in the strain of the materials themselves. Concrete recalls its former liquidity, or surfaces sag. The visceral apprehension or empathy we may feel for the works as they collapse, rot or deflate is Searle’s attempt to bring life, and inevitably death, into her materials.

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