Jenny Gill

Jenny Gill

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On surface level, Jenny’s large-scale paintings appear seductive, feminine and flirtatious, but underneath the surface lay questions regarding male validation and societal expectations placed on women.

Jenny Gill (b.2000) is a portrait painter from Lancashire and has recently graduated from the Ruskin School of Art, University of Oxford. She crops her paintings to isolate certain attributes of the female body, imitating how the male gaze peruses over the curves, contours, and shapely landscape of the female figure. Her most recent series, Good Hair Day, fetishises a woman’s hair from behind, making her bouncy blow dry almost erotic, as the mystique of not knowing her identity and lusciousness of her cascading curls creates a sexual fantasy. Jenny welcomes commissions in a similar style, whether that be a particular hairstyle, colour or even another cropped section of the female form.

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