Kedisha Coakley

Kedisha Coakley


Process, hybridity, and materiality are important strands in my practice. My work begins as a personal investigation of self, childhood memories and ritualistic practices in the lives of Black communities, and what they signify universally in the world.

Kedisha Coakley is a London-born, Sheffield-based artist. Her practice spans sculpture, photography, and printmaking, predominantly casting in bronze, through which she interrogates Black histories and experiences. Investigating the overlooked, she remixes aesthetics, techniques, and cultural references throughout her work. Kedisha is one of five artist in the Freelands Foundation artist development programme; Finalist in Bloomberg New Contemporaries 2021; And the recipient of the Yorkshire Graduate Award 2020. Recent exhibitions include Dutch Flower Painting: Exploring Art in Bloom, Millennium Gallery, Sheffield. Mi waan go a country go look Mango, Bloc Projects, Sheffield. Super Natural, Eden Project, Cornwall. In the Beginning, The Box at Pippy Houldsworth Gallery, London

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