Lana Locke

Lana Locke

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Lana studied her MA (2012) and PhD (2018) in Fine Art at Chelsea College of Arts. Recent exhibitions include Relic Garden (solo) at Lungley Gallery, Saucisson at Shtager & Shch and Can I Steal Your Body? at ADH Gallery.

I am an artist practising in sculpture, installation, drawing, video, painting and performance. I am interested in exploring the precariousness of human and non-human life in the context our current political and ecological predicament. I share my direct personal experience of motherhood and intersecting contexts I encounter to reach out to explore wider ranging, global political issues, with a darkly poetic and humorous twist. I seek to capture contingent situations, and ageing, perishing forms that signal our mortal interdependence on our surrounding communities and environments. I think of my practice as feral as it exists between disciplines and between different spheres. Wild, disagreeable and comical elements seep out and disrupt the whole - the whiteness of the space, the smoothness screen – as conflicting elements are forced together in precarious structures and clumsily poetic video cuts.

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