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Lucy Page

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Lucy Page (b. 1995, London, England) studied Fine Art & History of Art at Goldsmiths University, and she is now developing her own sculptor practice from her studio in London.

Lucy is interested in the way in which we inhabit the domestic space, from small daily gestures and routines to the motion of our bodies within this environment. Her work is bodily, exploring our use of this space. Lucy’s work centres around freezing movement and moments into tactile objects, bringing them into the home and transforming the domestic into purposeful design. In this way, the sculptor’s work bridges the gap between design and function; either meant to be kept as a piece of art, used to hold other objects, or sit on the wall. Lucy makes every piece by hand, using traditional casting and mould-making techniques. The process is very physical and each piece is unique. She works with a range of materials to create different designs including food, body parts and clay.

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