Paloma Proudfoot

Paloma Proudfoot


Paloma Proudfoot (b 1992, London) is an artist living and working in London.

Using a combination of glazed ceramics with glass, metal, custom-tailored clothes and natural materials such as hair, food and wax, Paloma Proudfoot explores a quiet and uneasy paradox between the human body, prosthetics and the myriad apersonal forces that infiltrate and expose our more-than-human lives. Juxtaposing the idiosyncrasies of craftsmanship with the hard-edged rhythms of factory production and soft, biomorphic forms, Proudfoot’s work produces an uncanny realisation of the limits and vulnerabilities of the human body, as well as suggesting the desire one may have to overcome or give into this sensation. 

Proudfoot uses sculpture as a means to explore different narratives, not just as static works but also through installations and performances in different collaborations, with choreographer Aniela Piasecka and their performance group ‘Stasis’, as well as with Lindsey Mendick as 'Proudick'.

Selected Works