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Rosie Reed

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Rosie graduated with a BA from The Ruskin School of Art in 2013 and an MA in Sculpture from the Royal College of Art in 2017. Recent exhibitions include 'What the Water Gave Me', a solo show at Quench Gallery and '(Dis)embodied Burdens', a group show at Cooke Latham Gallery.

Whilst I often refer to groundbreaking women artists- such as Lynda Benglis and Ana Mendieta, I strive to communicate my thoughts and experiences as a woman through my own material and sculptural language. As a starting point, I am interested in exploring women’s relationships to commonplace states of being; recent bodies of work have considered women and water, becoming a mother, women and messiness and women artists and anxiety. My making process is one of appreciating conceptual and formal rigour but subverting or interrupting accepted tropes and motifs. I experiment with colour combinations and materials to push my practice into an area of abstraction that takes up space and aims to immerse the viewer. I am interested in the notion of surfaces disclosing narrative, revealing tiers of time and movement. The work becomes a fossilised relic of layers, once it is finished. The cyclical use and reincarnation of material is important to me, I grind down and recycle elements of past installations to use as aggregate that makes up details of future work; rubbled remnants move through my practice as it evolves.

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