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Sam Carvosso

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Sam Carvosso graduated with a BA in Sculpture at the University of Brighton in 2014 and MA at the Royal College of Art in 2017. He lives and works in London.

The creation of place is at the forefront of my practice, particularly focusing on landscape and wilderness. My practice is research-led and informed by research trips to National Parks, nature reserves, and forests. Using these trips as a point of departure, the work is enveloped in landscape and all the elusive experiences it comes with. The work references the collaboration between on-site research, memory, nostalgia, fictions, online platforms (google images, social media, tourist information websites), and their combined role in creating versions of reality. Can these fragments build an authentic model for place to exist? Online platforms provide access to an incredible amount of coverage of wild spaces. Images hiding the presence of people and buildings, and blurry images of folkloric creatures in forest and lakes, mystify the reality of these spaces, confirming a desire for an untouched and unknown wilderness. From this, my practice attempts to recognise the ambiguous stance between reality and fantasy, and the impact this has on the way we perceive and interact with these spaces.

Selected Works