Tutu Arel

Tutu Arel

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Tutu is interested in creating forms that are both functional and sculptural. Her style is rough, raw and abstract in neutral, earthy tones. Using mostly stoneware clay she takes her inspiration from nature 'mother earth', her cultural roots and her lucid dreams.

My work can be characterised as layers of time and emotions stacked on top of each other. I often let the clay guide me in the direction where it identifies a range of emotions and collection of memories. Through stimulating imagination and creating sensory experiences my work brings traces of the past into the present. Poetic and abstract forms invite the audience to engage and reflect through visual sensory; evoking the feeling of connection and inspiration. Each sculpture series aims to engage with the audience to write their own story whilst uttering a line between spirituality and materialism. Organic shapes, textures and surface applications mimic the characteristics of nature taking its inspiration from “Gaia” and “Mother Earth”.

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