‘Don’t Touch Me curated by The Amber Room

Event info

Don't Touch Me was a group exhibition curated by The Amber Room in a disused office space on the fifth floor of Newcombe House on Notting Hill Gate, London.

Don't Touch Me was a group exhibition inspired by Olivia Sudjic's essay 'Exposure' in which she examines the damaging assumptions that attend women artists or any woman who risks exposure, in a world determined to get under her skin. She writes, 'Sometimes I wish for crocodilian armour.' The Amber Room invited artists to make work in response to Sudjic's essay, exploring the concept of wearing armour in relation to their lived experience. Luke Alen-Buckley, Saelia Aparicio, Lotte Andersen, Lily Bertrand-Webb, Rob Branigan, JJ Chan, Denise de Cordova, James Cross, Laura Dee Milnes, Sarah Howe, Rebecca Jagoe, Keegan Luttrell, Guy Oliver, Lindsey Mendick, Paloma Proudfoot, Rosie Reed, Jakob Rowlinson, Finbar Ward and Gray Wielebinski. Olivia Sudjic wrote a text in response to the exhibition, which concluded with, 'While it may be painful to expose ourselves to ridicule, criticism, uncertainty, self-doubt, even the shadow of our own mortality, how else will we sense that life is precious and worth living? If sometimes I have wished for crocodilian armour, it is only because the world has rewarded those who have it, so what if it didn't?'