Office Christmas Party

Event info

Artists don’t get invited to office Christmas parties so we thought we would host one to celebrate the artists we worked with in 2022 and the collectors who supported us.

We exhibited ceramics, glassware, napkins and artworks by over 40 artists, we ate food by Tara Cookery, drank festive drinks and danced to live music from Mr Pash’s Midnight, This is the Deep Acoustic and Obeka. The Amber Room invited our community of artists to make an artwork on a napkin. We exhibited special edition, framed napkins by Alexander Aitken, Emii Alrai, Tutu Arel, Christine Binnie, Sam Carvosso, Emma Cousin, James Cross, Phoebe Cummings, Bea Galletley, Jenny Gill, Sophie Goodchild, Oona Grimes, Erin Hughes, Hugo Hutchins, Alexei Izmaylov, Kaori Jones, Sophie Learmont, Hannah Lister, James Lomax, Alice Macdonald, Ranald Macdonald, Maria Mahfooz, Lucy Page, Hamish Pearch, Stephen Polatch, Rosie Reed, Emily Stapleton-Jefferis, Olivia Sterling, Rosie Stonham, Hannah Tilson, Finbar Ward, Zoe Weisselberg, Jessie Whiteley and Kenneth Winterschladen.