‘Chewy Cosmos Plates’ Andy Holden


China Plates – Set of 4

20.5 cm Diameter

Thoughts from the Artist:

“The pudding plates evolved from the body of work titled Chewy Cosmos. This began with a stop-motion animation constructed from thousands of collages that used cuttings from magazine adverts that depicted make-up: swirls, splodges, smears, dollops and droplets animated to form cosmic rhythms. Cosmetic and cosmos both share the same Greek root, Kosmos: meaning both to adorn and order, decoration and the universe. 
The idea that the universe is ‘chewy’ or malleable came from a conversation with my late collaborator Dan Cox, in a conversation shortly before his death we talked of how worlds were made in the mouth, as the sounds of words could almost be tasted as they were formed in the hollow of the buccal cavity. 
For the side plates edition new collages were made from the material first used in the film, combined into new collages. The smears of magazine representations of make-up configured on a circular shape, appearing now like traces of food and condiments on a dirty plate. The plates were designed for my own house during lock down, and first used by myself and my late partner Mira for our own pleasure. 
Dinner is a time when words are exchanged and new small worlds can be made whilst chewing, words and food entangled. There is an echo here with the lyrics of the song ‘Beautiful Cosmos’ by Ivor Cutler: 
“What do we talk about when ever we meet? Nothing at all. You sit with your sandwich, I look at my roll. Some times I open my mouth… then shut it. We have a beautiful cosmos, you and me. We have a beautiful cosmos”. 

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